InfographicWhere Will Tomorrow Take Your Workforce?

3 Aug 2017

With the remote workforce population skyrocketing, businesses are being forced to provide new ways of ensuring seamless, productive and secure work experiences. In this infographic, explore the key elements that are powering these new ways of working — and how Insight’s Connected Workforce solutions help you support your digital workforce and drive transformation.

Where Will Tomorrow Take Your Workforce Infographic

This travel-themed infographic explores the anywhere, anytime workforce — from connectivity on airplanes to remote work on beaches.

Studies repeatedly show that workers are not at their desks 50–60% of the time. At the same time, the number of employees regularly working from home has grown by 115% since 2005. That’s nearly 10x faster than the rest of the workforce. But that doesn’t render the desktop extinct. Businesses should leverage solutions that offer the flexibility to choose devices that can still thrive in the office — but also outside it.

Everything is going digital. Technology from our personal computing lives are seeping into the work we do. 80% of workers feel that smartphones will become an integral part of the workplace in the future, pressuring corporate IT to deliver increasingly digital experiences to workers.

By accessing cloud-based applications, workers can now do their jobs in the cloud — literally. And 68% of IT leaders’ budgets went to mobile app and cloud migration initiatives in 2016, adding a good dose of jet fuel to this new way of working. Two factors matter: seamlessness and security. Ensure you’re providing hands-off upgrades to devices, maintaining the familiar Microsoft® Office experience and properly provisioning devices to security and compliance standards.

Remote locations need solid support. 45% of workers rate employers high for productivity and job satisfaction if they provide IT support for employee-owned devices. And with modern end users expecting instant resolution and virtually no downtime, businesses should leverage forward-thinking solutions that span levels I, II and III remote support, as well as self-service tools.

If businesses can rally the devices, apps and means of support to connect their workforce, they can expect:

  • Greater productivity
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Access to new talent
  • More scalability & agility

Insight goes where the work goes. Connected Workforce is a complete suite of modern device, cloud-based app and lifecycle solutions that orchestrate all moving parts of a truly connected workforce:

  • Modern devices that can thrive in the cloud
  • Automatic, hands-off upgrades to stay ahead of the digital curve
  • Secure monitoring of every device in your environment

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