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InfographicCapitalizing on the Maturing Cloud Market

12 Jun 2017

The new capabilities enabled by cloud technologies have provided many new solution opportunities that IT service providers can monetize.

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Data center into the cloud

Moving from the data center to the cloud must be done gradually. Start by using the cloud to extend data center capacity. Seamless management as one environment is achieved through unified Active Directory®.

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Leveraging two or more cloud services can minimize the risk of widespread data loss or downtime. Implement a multicloud strategy to improve overall performance by diversifying your portfolio to be able to scale and meet the needs of customers.

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Software-defined everything

Removing the intelligence from router, switch and storage devices — and running them instead on industry-standard servers — opens new worlds of IT control and capability. Lower costs by using commodity hardware instead of highly specialized appliances. Create storage clusters to increase resilience and data integrity.

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Containers & microservices

Microservices loaded in containers, along with all the resources they require, enable rapid installation, instant replacement and unlimited portability. Adopt this type of application architecture to provide better response to irregular workloads, increase client satisfaction and improve performance of revenue-generating applications.

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As data and applications become more portable and distributed across a wide variety of networks, security will need to live in the cloud, which could help with diversification of your portfolio. Offer cloud-based security solutions to allow you to scale your business — especially as demand continues to increase.

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Major cloud providers see workloads as significant drivers of additional cloud consumption. Continue to seek and support application developers who drive more workloads to their cloud services.