Factory robots creating dramatic sparks on assembly line.

Top 4 Manufacturing Technology Trends

26 Apr 2017 by Insight Editor

As consumer demand increases, manufacturers are looking for ways to complete projects better and faster. Discover how the latest manufacturing technology solutions can help your organization save time and money — and increase client satisfaction.

Orange robots on assembly line.

1 | Efficiency

Collaborative robots create consistently high-quality items faster than human workers can. Plus, the robots communicate with each other via the internet, so every machine on the factory floor learns as it works. This increases output while decreasing downtime.

Robot assembly line welding cars

2 | Safety

Certain tasks, such as repeatedly lifting heavy objects or welding car parts together, are monotonous or dangerous for human teammates to carry out. Manufacturing robots do not tire or make errors after long shifts, and they can work in hazardous environments without risk or liability.

3-D pringter printing red object

3 | Flexibility

Now, more than ever, consumers want to customize products. 3–D printing enables greater personalization — from prosthetics to engine parts — and the ability to create on demand. This raises the value of the service and boosts client satisfaction.

Robotic machine with monitor running diagnostics.

4 | Sustainability

Save time and resources with predictive data analytics. Now you can pull information from sensors to foresee malfunctions, updates, production numbers and more. This reduces excess inventory and helps you make informed decisions for growth.