Silhouette of construction workers at sunset

Top 4 Tech Trends Taking Over Construction

18 Apr 2017

Construction has traditionally been a slow and steady process hindered by miscommunication and security breaches. But today, technology is reshaping the industry. The latest tools and solutions boost mobility, accuracy, collaboration and efficiency.

Drone flying over land

1 | UAVs or drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are a safe and effective way to conduct security surveillance pre- and post-construction. With zoom and scroll capabilities, drones also make it easy to map areas and track progress in real time.

Two dual desktop monitors in use

2 | 3–D BIM

The success of a project is dependent on the planning process. 3–D Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables teams to quickly, and inexpensively, create mockups to find problem areas before building. This reduces labor time, costs and risks.

Tablet in use at dusk

3 | Mobile devices

Safety is a primary concern in construction. Wearable devices allow supervisors to effectively monitor employees and their health in case of an emergency. Plus, devices boost communication, driving greater efficiency.

Graphic display of data

4 | Big data analytics

Developing predictive analytics is more affordable than ever. Now you can make profitable decisions based on data collected from past projects, equipment and employees. This leads to greater performance.