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Streamline Your E-procurement Experience With Insight.com

15 Mar 2017 by Isabel Ticlo

Some of us don’t mind taking the time to jump in the car, drive to the store and aimlessly wander the aisles looking for the items on our shopping list. But when the product we desperately need is out of stock, or the lines to the cashiers go on for miles, our little trip becomes a hassle. That’s when technology saves the day.

Consumers want smooth, fast and easy transactions. Shopping online means knowing when a product is available, finding exactly what you’re looking for through a simple search, completing the transactional process in one or two clicks and letting the package come to you as you wait in the comfort of your own home.

With sites like Amazon streamlining the e-commerce movement, more buyers are heading to the web — versus brick-and-mortar stores — to purchase gifts, household necessities, clothing, books and more. It’s convenient, intuitive and efficient. What if you could get that same seamless online shopping experience for technology devices and solutions? What if you could completely customize the procurement process? With insight.com, you can.

An intuitive, easy approach to e-procurement

At Insight, we know that businesses need to purchase products and solutions to improve productivity and efficiency — and that ideally, the IT buying process should be as fast and simple as everyday consumer purchasing.

That’s why we've developed an intuitive e-procurement platform for our clients. Over the years, insight.com has been carefully molded into a complete solution to help users:

“The beauty of using insight.com is that it’s available 24/7. So once the client has a login, it’s very easy for them to shop at whatever time.” — Christine Morrison, Insight account executive.

Once in the system, you will have access to products from thousands of trusted technology brands and a robust search engine that makes it easy to quickly find what you need in one place — and get more done, faster. Plus, our team of highly trained e-procurement specialists are always available to help you navigate the purchasing process and answer any questions you may have.

The process starts with log in, then to locate products which you can add to cart and take to checkout. Around this step, you will submit the order which will prompt the question "Is approval required?" If Yes, you can send the order for approval. If not, it will go straight to order placement.

Figure 1

Is your business ready to boost performance with e-commerce solutions that are tailored to fit your current and future needs? Empowering your team with a customized, unified buying experience has never been easier. Figure 1 showcases just how simple the ordering proccess is with an insight.com account. Once you log in, you'll be able to quickly locate the products you need, checkout, work through approval requirements and place your order. 

E-procurement integration for maximum efficiency

Integrating e-procurement into your existing plan is simple when you have the right team providing support along the way. Our project managers are experienced in large and small integration projects and will collaborate with your IT department to ensure smooth, cost-effective integration. Obtaining access to product information, availability and custom pricing will help shorten the purchase lifecycle, increase accuracy and reduce returns.

How automated approval routing will help your business

Approval routing is a practice that creates proactive, internal controls for purchase authorization. Insight.com has a customizable approval workflow system that allows organizations to extend access to the end-user community while maintaining the appropriate level of oversight before purchases are made. By automating the process, you’ll enjoy faster ordering time, reduced unauthorized purchases, real-time order status updates and ensured policy compliance.

Additional automated approval routing benefits include:

  • High configurable rules: simple or multitier approver rules
  • Customizable schedules: email notifications on requisition based on status
  • Invoice summary: reporting of purchases, dates, shipping and invoice total

It all comes back to reporting.

Whether your business is working on negotiations, creating industry predictions or setting goals for the next quarter, analysis-ready data makes all the difference. Instead of sifting through vast data mountains for salvageable content, the online reporting capabilities of insight.com creates customized reports at a moment’s notice. These reports provide greater visibility over a three-year period, making it easy to streamline reconciliation by location, cost centers, general ledger codes or other custom data.

A refined, online experience

At Insight, we make it stress-free and efficient to access solutions and products online, manage your entire IT lifecycle, and consolidate the applications your organization needs for a complete e-commerce experience.

Oversee your IT process in one place.

Discover an intuitive buying experience that’s customizable and efficient.

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