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The Benefits of Cloud-Based POS Systems For Retail

17 Nov 2016 by Diana Rose Brandon

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’re getting ready for Small Business Saturday, the annual event created by American Express to promote Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) during the holiday shopping season. According to the 2016 Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey, 112 million consumers reported shopping at SMBs on Small Business Saturday, marking a 13% increase from 2015. Is your business equipped with the right solutions to support rapid growth?

Small business opportunities in the cloud

Cloud computing is a great option for SMBs that want to bolster security and efficiency, save money on hardware and software costs, and improve flexibility with easy, anytime access to critical applications. Within just a few years, Cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) systems have become an industry standard. In addition to saving valuable floor space by getting rid of bulky cash registers, cloud-based POS systems receive automatic updates so your business is always ready to meet workflow demands. Mobile, retail POS systems also improve the customer experience by providing instant access to shopping resources, inventory data, deals, trends and more.

POS security

Your business needs data to deliver results, so it’s imperative that you keep your valuable data secure. After all, a cyberbreach can cost SMBs a lot more than just money. That’s where cloud-based POS systems come into play. Not only is your data encrypted and stored off-site with added layers of redundancy to protect sensitive information from calamity, your customers’ credit card information is also secured in the cloud — not in your system — rendering certain types of viruses ineffective.

Cloud-based solutions also alleviate business owners from the complicated task of hosting and maintaining an on-site server. Imagine having to search for malware and viruses on your own? No, thanks. Cloud-based technologies place most of the responsibility for security on service providers that already have the expertise and resources needed to keep your data secure.

Even though your data will be stored off-site via the cloud, you will have access to it when your system is offline. In the event that your wireless connection or electricity is interrupted, you can still conduct business as usual. Then, when the lights go back on, your data will automatically sync with your system, saving time and preventing costly mistakes that could occur from re-entering the information manually.

Seeing your IT strategy come to life

An ideal POS strategy combines leading technology solutions to ensure your business runs smoothly. Imagine this: Your customer walks into your store and already has a smartphone in hand. She’s using your store’s Wi-Fi to research the items she wants to buy. When she’s ready, your employee processes the order from an iPad without the physical barrier of a counter or checkout line. Because your customer was able to find her product and make her purchase easily and speedily, she takes a few more minutes to pick up some extra accessories. Her data is already saved on your system so all she has to do is confirm her additional purchases.

You’ve now provided a best-in-class experience that will act as the foundation for loyalty and trust from your customer. When your cloud applications and secure POS system work together, you can unlock new small business opportunities and thrive with the best of the big companies. Talk about a successful promotion because of an advanced IT strategy.

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