Hybrid Cloud Frankenstacking Infographic

17 Oct 2016 by Insight Editor

An array of end users chasing the latest productivity tools typically means haphazard procurement of cloud computing apps. The result is a scary frankenstack, or precarious service mesh, of cloud computing services and private cloud storage, without intelligence. Take a look at how smart IT administrators are scaring the competition with cloud orchestration.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

Cartoon illustration of Frankenstein

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

An ode to the scariest, smartest frankenstructures

Getting to a hybrid cloud world starts with bringing your frankenstructure monster to life — and that requires intelligence.

Brain matter, matters.

A comprehensive assessment acts at the command center of the monster. It determines everything the rest of this frankenstack needs to do to move its other parts as effectively as possible, from databases to applications.

Insight’s Hybrid Cloud Assessment focuses on rationalizing applications, helping you determine what workloads go where.

Heart of gold — and revenue

Automation and orchestration serves as the heart of your frankenstructure. Solutions like VMWare’s vRealize automate any size or type of workload.

Breath of life

Another strong business outcome of automation is harmonizing your on- and off-premise “lungs”. With a focus on cost savings, management and security, Insight helps you get the most out of your private and public cloud with our Hybrid Cloud solution.