Cover of Forrester Top 11 Trends S&R Pros Should Watch 2015 whitepaper

ForresterTop 11 Trends S&R Pros Should Watch 2015

1 Jun 2015 by Forrester

Each year, analysts from across Forrester’s security and risk research team draw insight from our hundreds of enterprise questions, vendor briefings, and consultations; research projects that we complete as a team each quarter; and perspective from the most recent RSA Conference (RSAC) in San Francisco to answer two of our clients’ most frequently asked questions:

  1. What innovations in security products and services are on the horizon?
  2. Are there any disruptive security vendors and technologies that I should pilot in my environment?

This report answers those questions, cuts through the industry hype, and helps you determine the most important developments in the industry that deserve your attention.

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