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How Service Providers Can Leverage Social Media to Improve Customer Engagement

3 Aug 2017

As we transition to a mobile-first world, cyber engagement is on the rise, along with social media use. According to a survey by eMarketer, the number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach 2.95 billion by 2020 — around a third of Earth’s entire population. How can businesses — and service providers, in particular — capitalize on this trend?

Figure 1 shows that in 2016, 78% of the U.S. population had a social networking profile, a 150% increase over 2008, according to Edison Research. A Pew Research Center survey between March 7 and April 4, 2016, found that 76% of internet users were active on Facebook daily, while 51% were on Instagram, 42% on Twitter, 25% on Pinterest and 18% on LinkedIn.

If those users are your customers and you aren’t engaging them with social media, you may be missing some key clientele.

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