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VMware has extended the 5 point bundle for existing partners

9 Nov 2018

We are pleased to announce that, under the conditions outlined in the newly established guidelines, VCPP has extend the 5pt Bundle EOL.

  • Service Providers using the 5pt bundle as of March 2018 can continue using and reporting the 5pt bundle until March 2020.  Beyond this date all SPs must switch to 7pt or higher bundles.

FINAL Usage Month

FINAL Reporting Month


March 2020

April 2020

  • Effectively giving Service Providers 2 years to plan and implement the transition (March ‘18 to March ‘20)
  • The 5pt bundle is not available for new contracts since March 2018.  Only existing contracts will be honored. 
  • For qualifying Service Provider, the 5pt bundle will not be extend beyond March 2020 - vSphere Enterprise End-of-Support date.
    • Start driving CPP Sales Campaign to transition 5pt Providers to 7pt now.
    • Cloud Pod and Flex Model (in Jan 2019) is expected to drive 7pt adoption.

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