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Customizable retail devices

Explore a wide selection of desktops and laptops from leading manufacturers, including Dell Technologies, HP and Lenovo.

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Authorized seller

Joy Systems is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher with 32 awards and recognitions for consistency and performance.

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Support throughout

Maintain a flawless shopping experience. Each device comes with support for seamless issue resolution.

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Overhead savings

Joy Systems specializes in delivering hardware savings. Spending less on upgrading or refreshing your PCs means more savings to invest in upgrading inventory management software, improving security or data management.


Reduce your environmental impact.

Americans throw away an estimated $55 billion in e-waste materials annually.1 By purchasing a refurbished system from Joy Systems, you’re doing your part to help limit this waste.

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1Leblanc, R. (2020, Jan. 14). E Waste Recycling Facts and Figures. The Balance Small Business.