Earn up to $3.5K per incremental customer add.

Two ways to earn

Earn on either greater than 50 seat adds or smaller customer adds on CSP.

Largest customer value

Payout is based on the largest deals, regardless of the order in which they’re acquired.

Soaring to new heights

Earn up to $30K (partner target dependent) with incremental new customer adds.

Ready for takeoff?

Expanding your cloud offering has never been easier.

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Get to know the program.

Read the Sky’s the Limit Partner Take Off Guide deck to understand the program.

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Get answers to your questions.

Handle common customer questions and discover more detailed program info.

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Study the fine print.

We’ll help you ready yourself with technical details so you can better speak to the solution.

Expand your cloud business

Elevate your offering with a new Microsoft CSP offer. For a limited time, offer your customers 15% off Office 365® and Microsoft 365®. Plus, see how Insight provides end-to-end CSP support.

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Service provider toolkit

We’re dedicated to helping you succeed as a service provider. With our toolkit, you’ll gain access to everything you need to drive business forward, including education resources and sales support.

Explore the toolkit

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The benefits of being a CSP with Insight

Recurring revenue

Cloud solutions are subscription-based, resulting in an intrinsic recurring revenue structure and long-term customers.

Rebate earnings

Partners can earn up to an additional 20% in rebates from Microsoft’s CSP Program through Insight.

Sales support

With Insight, you get a comprehensive toolkit of sales resources and collateral to help you close deals.

What you can offer customers as a CSP

Office 365 volume licensing

Discover a flexible, cost-effective licensing option to help customers equip their teams with the software they need.

Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365, you gain three powerful solutions in one: Office 365, Windows® 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Ready for takeoff?

Together, we’ll expand your cloud offering through this exciting new program