Doctor using a laptop and a android phone

Drive better patient outcomes with a secure, unified platform.

All Samsung devices are built with multilayered HIPAA-ready security such as Samsung Knox which delivers defense-grade protection from chip level to application — a software-hardware dual approach that includes a government-certified encryption module.

At the same time, full remote device configuration and management gives IT teams optimal control and oversight of every device, including the ability to remotely wipe data, should a device be lost or stolen.

Our healthcare solution lineup

These devices are lightweight, compact and built for purpose.

Doctor checking the patient at the hospital

Hospital care

Replace the need for laptops, desktops and workstations with a single lightweight device and tap into seamless access that improves efficiency and lowers costs. For instance, camera-based barcode scanning speeds diagnostics, data collection and medication administration. And, in the hands of patients, food ordering, entertainment, telemedicine and hospital information are simplified.

Doctor monitoring the patient at home

Home care

Nurses, aides and other home-care professionals can use Samsung devices to access patient information rapidly, message securely, coordinate care, speed up billing, eliminate the headache of multiple data entry and discover consolidated access to multiple healthcare solutions.

Doctor using a laptop

Virtual care

Ensure social distancing remains a key priority — especially for vulnerable groups such as the elderly. Samsung solutions, available from Insight, help patients monitor their chronic conditions better on their own and enable professionals to remotely manage more patients through virtual care.

Empower the healthcare journey.

Drive better outcomes for patients and staff in every healthcare setting.

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