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What you will get in your Security & Compliance workshop

You'll walk away with a clear map of your current landscape. This will provide several ways to improve your existing Security & Compliance policies.

Who this workshop is for:

  • CISOs looking to transform their organizations readiness against cybersecurity attacks & vulnerabilities
  • Security professionals helping recover from threats, prevent new ones, and educating employess
  • Cloud architects building new application frameworks and migrating legacy apps to the cloud
  • Engineers doing everything they can to maintain security and not sacrificing productivity

Get E5 without blowing your budget.

You don’t have to increase your IT budget to leverage E5. In fact, an E5 upgrade can help you reduce costs. E5 licensing delivers capabilities that can replace many of the costly solutions in your environment. Through consolidation, you can reduce costs and simplify management, making you more secure.

E5 Security Solutions can replace:

Meetings and calling

Audio conferencing
Cloud PBX


Access control
Audit protection


Identity and access management
Endpoint protection
Email protection
Intrusion detection and prevention


Advanced business intelligence

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How does Microsoft 365 E5 security stack up to the competition?

Microsoft 365 Security offers a comprehensive portfolio that covering more than 27 different areas of specialization. As a leader in five Gartner magic quadrants, this solution tops any list of modern cloud security offerings.

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How can I learn more?

The best way to learn more is by requesting your Workshop today. Our team of experts will connect with you to learn more about you, your role, and your organization's goals before the workshop.

This is your best time to ask questions and learn more about what your workshop with entail

Common questions we receive from clients just like you

  • How do we reduce costs and improve agility and security with simplified app access?
  • How can we prevent identities from being compromised?
  • Will we able to finally see both sanctioned apps and those lurking in the shadows?
  • What is the best way to give users access to their apps in my BYOD model?
  • Who in our organization is actually compliant with our IT policies?

Is an E5 upgrade right for your organization?

See how an E5 upgrade could improve your security posture and reduce your IT costs.

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