Improve outcomes with collaborative care.

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Extend care beyond clinic walls.

Provide critical support to existing patients in between visits and acquire new patients by extending care beyond the consulting room. Plug-and-play solutions from Logitech enable clinicians to collaborate seamlessly from any location.

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Connect like you’re right

Logitech® USB-enabled webcams deliver crystal-clear audio and razor-sharp video to deliver high-value, personalized care experiences. In addition, multiconnection mice and keyboards empower caregivers to easily switch between devices for quick replies and streamlined communication.

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Accelerate information

Amplify the patient experience with keyboard cases and crayons — and enable doctors to turn any iPad® into a productivity machine for notetaking, signing scripts, and quickly sending reference information to other doctors or pharmacies.

Exceptional patient-provider experiences

Get plug-and-play video conferencing solutions and peripherals that make it easier than ever for specialists, residents and caseworkers to collaborate instantly, no matter their location. From care team consultations and telemedicine to continuing education, connect more effectively, listen more closely, and deliver faster diagnoses and treatment.

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Collaboration for the changing face of care

Once, geography was one of the biggest obstacles to accessing high-quality care. Today, patients and providers face even more challenges to access. Whether in a city or a rural location, telehealth solutions enable medical professionals to deliver primary and specialty care regardless of location.

Become a leader in collaborative care.

Enable meaningful connections anywhere with solution from Insight and Logitech.

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