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Workflow innovation at every setup

Discover leading endpoint devices for multiple device configurations, from high-performance mobile workstations to VDI-enabled thin clients.

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Secure, seamless access

Lessen roadblocks to data access without sacrificing security with RFID, NFC and facial recognition technologies from Insight and Lenovo.

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Enhanced provider and patient safety

Sanitize high-touch surfaces regularly without worry. Our healthcare devices are designed to withstand frequent cleaning without degradation.

Lenovo Virtual Rounding, powered by Microsoft Teams

The Lenovo Virtual Rounding solution includes Lenovo® ThinkSmart View. It's an HIPAA-compliant collaboration and communication platform designed for healthcare and businesses. With access to high-quality video and sound in one small package, providers can safely meet with patients virtually from their office, another facility or home.

  • PPE reduced by 50%
  • Virtual triage saves two staff members per patient

The Lenovo healthcare portfolio

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Innovation that powers the future of care

At a time when healthcare organizations are increasingly the targets of cyberattacks, ensure optimal data security with the ThinkShield portfolio. A full suite of security tools safeguards data, device, user identity and online security for end-to-end protection.

With BIOS-level protection and full endpoint management, you can protect remote computers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices seamlessly. Plus, tap into privacy screens and camera shutters that lock patient information away from visual hackers.

Connect across the continuum of care.

Power the next generation of secure patient engagement with solutions from Insight and Lenovo.

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