Powerful technology that connects care

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Enable effortless connections

Healthcare organizations rely on a wide array of desktop and mobile computing platforms, as well as displays and peripherals of all types. Kensington universal docking stations, USB hubs, and adapters ensure that everything works together seamlessly, improving productivity and streamlining workflows.

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Safeguard sensitive data

A single data breach can destroy a healthcare organization’s reputation overnight. With leading digital defense technologies such as privacy screens and fingerprint-reading USBs, you can create a simple, effective solution to shield information from unauthorized access.

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Protect sensitive devices

Bumps and knocks happen. Protect tablets, mobile computers and more from damage with protectors that slip seamlessly over devices, protecting screens and sensitive hardware.

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Partner with a trusted name in healthcare

Creating a seamlessly connected digital ecosystem is crucial to delivering quality care. Leading healthcare organizations around the world trust mobile devices and peripherals from Insight and Kensington to secure, protect and connect their IT equipment, enabling healthcare professionals to do their work seamlessly, efficiently and without worry. From ergonomic input devices and privacy screens to monitor arms and universal docking stations, leverage healthcare solutions from Kensington to connect and protect your devices.

Discover Kensington healthcare solutions

Female doctor using laptop

Better connectivity means better care

Give your healthcare staff everything they need to provide every patient with the highest quality of care with healthcare solutions from Insight and Kensington. Seamlessly connect information from admission to discharge, enhance worker productivity and keep sensitive information safe from prying eyes. With Insight and Kensington, you can unlock the power of seamless connections and leading data protection.

Connecting healthcare

Create a seamlessly connected healthcare ecosystem. Discover leading solutions from Insight and Kensington.