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Intel mini pc coreI5

Small form factors

Work up to 37% better than before with 8th Gen Intel Core™ processors built into powerful mini PCs.

2-in-1 computer


Be ready for anything with the true flexibility of a tablet and the powerful capabilities of a laptop.

Man at notebook computer


Experience painless computing on the go with Intel’s thinner, lighter and more powerful notebooks.

A new frontier of memory tech

No one likes to wait. See how you can speed up your compute experience and improve overall response time with the smart, adaptable PC acceleration in Intel Optane Memory.

Intel Optane Memory / Smart, Adaptable PC Acceleration

Smarter conferencing for teams

Collaboration just got easier with Intel's Unite technology. Whether in person or remote, your team can effortlessly connect wirelessly, so you can stop wasting time setting up conferencing technology and focus on getting more done.

Smarter Meetings Start with Intel Unite

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