Manage an entire campus of Chromebooks


Google Chromebook devices are giving school districts a practical alternative to iPad® tablets to meet their classroom technology goals. The Google Chrome Management Console and licenses simplify deployment and give you greater control from a single web portal.

Classroom impact

Chromebooks boot up in about eight seconds and have a battery that lasts the school day. Through the web and thousands of educator-approved apps, books and videos in Google Play for Education (currently available to U.S. K–12 schools), students have access to a world of information and educational tools.

Easy setup and management

Manage 10 or 10,000 Chromebooks with ease. The web-based management console makes it simple to configure and oversee a set of Chromebooks for students, a school or a district.

Affordability and choice

Chromebooks start at just $249 with a $30 management fee per device. There are many Chromebooks to choose from, and the options keep growing.

Enhance student learning.

Find out how Google can help your classrooms.


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Students can sign into any Chromebook, get instant access to their documents and pick up where they left off.

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Built-in virus protection and multiple security layers mean you don’t have to worry about viruses or malware.

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The Chromebook software updates automatically, and settings are easily managed from the web-based console.

The smart browser for schools

Chrome for Education offers cloud-based management that lets you customize policies from the web, regardless of the end device. Set policies by user and run the latest cloud apps.

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Chromebooks for Education: For Every Student

Chromebooks for Education: For every student

Create better connections with students.

Chromebook computers are fast, intuitive and easy to manage. See how they give students and teachers access to all of the educational resources of the web.

Help your students succeed.

We’ll help you choose the right Google Chromebook devices and web apps, and set policies across your district.

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1 Tom Mainelli and Matthew Marden, “The Economic Value of Chromebooks for Educational Institutions,” IDC, September 2015.