One could call Jeff a mountaineer and adventurer. With a rare zest for rallying cross-functional teams behind bold ideas, Jeff fuses a passion for team and technology to find solutions in unexpected places — and deliver them in surprisingly new ways. Together, he and his team endeavor to answer the ultimate question: How can we take the next summit to help our clients dominate their industries?

Here’s what Jeff brings to the table:

  • 18 years of industry experience
  • Skills in IT automation, custom app development, consumer software & more
  • Deep knowledge around entrepreneurship & digital business innovation
  • Experience leading high-profile digital experience programs from start to finish
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A united front of change agents

Jeff engages high-impact teams with skills spanning cloud, mobility, the IoT and beyond. These teams stretch across a handful of tech generations — from cobalt to cloud — offering a unique perspective on the evolution and future of technology.

With an emphasis on continuous improvement, they work alongside clients in a virtuous cycle of testing, iterating and innovating.

Here’s what they bring to the table:

  • Over a millennium of combined industry experience
  • Hyper-focused, speed-to-market solutions approach
  • Adaptive delivery process to accommodate client needs
  • Experts in digital strategy and enterprise product development
Jeff and his teammate collaborating together on a digital innovation project

“The distance between producer and consumer is disappearing. Markets are becoming more efficient. As competition increases, brands need to have a closer, more direct connection to the ultimate users of their products and services — and technology is the bridge to achieve that.”

The IoT-powered business

From racecars to vaccines, smart jerseys and more, see how four diverse industries are using the IoT to attract and engage customers.

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