Strategy wins the war.

As cyber enemies refine their skills, they become more hostile, pushing businesses to evolve their security methods to defend growing amounts of data. But reimagining a security program — from inception to reality — requires a unique kind of orchestration that most security providers simply don’t offer.

Insight’s Security Strategy Workshop gives you a strategic, 360-degree view of both your business objectives and security initiatives. Blending people-centered collaboration and data collection, we outline an end-to-end action plan to evolve your program. Together, we’ll help drive real change that helps your business thwart tomorrow’s most formidable threats.

What we’ll do during your workshop

Business professional studying data on laptop

Assess business.

We’ll gather information about your assets, directives and perception of your company’s security posture.

Two teammates working together on surveys

Survey stakeholders.

Determine your security risks, assess current or planned actions and recommend initiatives to prioritize.

Side view of bridge against cloudy sky

Align goals.

Verify business & security objectives are in stride, and make adjustments to ensure harmony if gaps exist.

Two business professionals collaborating

Evaluate skillsets.

Outline specific skills your internal staff members will need to manage current and future initiatives.

Hacker typing on keyboard

Assess readiness.

Provide in-depth analysis of your organization’s current technology capabilities, as well as security gaps.

Business woman using smartphone overlooking balcony

Set the vision.

Provide executives with an overview of the business’s current and future states and expected outcomes.

Team assessing security standards on desktop

Deliverables that deliver

A workshop is only as valuable as the actionable insights it provides. With executive overviews and survey results, scorecards, detailed road maps and more, every item we develop in your workshop is purpose-built to assist you in defining or refining your security measures.

Together, we’ll help your business:

  • Gain a robust understanding of your current environment.
  • Adapt to new technologies.
  • Simplify and streamline security operations.
  • Protect your business from advanced cyberthreats.


No one can help you like we can.

Protecting your business requires more than a technology refresh. With a proven track record of successfully securing complex enterprise environments, Insight acts as an extension of your team, freeing your staff to focus on driving innovation.

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Evolving for what’s next

At the conclusion of every workshop, your organization will be well-positioned to make significant improvements to the security of your data and network. Should you choose to have Insight assist you in implementing your new security measures, we’ll simply apply the cost of the workshop to follow-up services.

No matter what path you take, you’ll gain full visibility into your business and confidence knowing exactly what steps to take to achieve your security goals.

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Success starts at the homefront — by creating an intelligent security blueprint you can go to war with. Engage our specialists to get started.

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