InfographicVMware New Model for IT: CSP

27 Mar 2018

In this infographic, see how to drive your digital business transformation with cloud services based on trusted VMware® technology, designed to reduce complexity and scale to meet your business needs.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

infographic displaying new model for vmware it

Simplify with virtualization.

Insight and VMware will help you modernize your platform for a complete digital transformation.

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

New Model for IT:

IT must deliver speed, agility and security.

The Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) — Critical to modern IT

  • Infrastructure is virtualized, pooled and delivered on demand.
  • 56% of SDDCs deliver a 56% annual reduction in provisioning and management.
  • Days to provision a production network reduced from weeks to minutes.

Powering the SDDC: VMware NSX network virtualization and security with VMware storage and server virtualization

VMware NSX Network Virtualization and Security NSX Addresses Those IT Challenges:

  • More speed, agility and security for Less


  • Speed, agility, security and reliability

With NSX, enterprises achieve unparalleled speed, agility and security — better economics, flexibility and choice.

NSX reproduces network functions in software.

Challenge 1:

Advanced Persistent Threats and Security

Once inside the firewall, threats multiply from server to server.

Challenge 2:

Hardware Limitations and Lock-Ins

Challenge 3:

Error-Prone Manual Configuration
Average cost of a data breach incident in US is $5.85 million.

Micro-Segmentation for Security

Firewall controls and security for East-West inside the data center.

Minimizes the risk and impact of data breaches. Approximately 68% Capital Expenditure (CapEx) savings.

Automating IT reduce manual errors and cycle time for network provisioning and management.

Accelerates IT service delivery and time-to-market for new applications. 56-86% Operational Expense (OpEx) savings.

IT Optimization & Refresh — Flexible Infrastructure

Catalyst to modern leaf/spine network fabrics, bare metal switches, open networking and other data center optimizations.

66-88% CapEx savings.

Disaster Recovery Cloud-scale service availability.

Reduces the risk and impact of unplanned outages. Operational Expense (OpEx) savings of $690,000 to tens of millions of dollars (USD) per incident.


  • Minimizes risk & impact of data breaches simplifies network
  • Improves negotiation & buying leverage
  • Speeds IT service delivery & time to market
  • Increases service availability
  • Optimizes use of network engineers