Infographic: Mobile threat defense

28 Feb 2018 by Insight Editor

Today, mobile security technology will need to predictively identify threats and proactively stop attacks without compromising user experience or privacy. In this infographic learn how Symantec® Endpoint Protection (SEP) Mobile proactively protects mobile devices by predicting and preventing cyberthreats before they can act using advanced technology and crowd-sourced intelligence.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

Mobile security info graphic as described by the text below

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

Uncover shadow data lurking in the cloud with the industry’s first integrated cloud security solution that combines the best-in-class Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technologies from Symantec.

Confidently adopt cloud apps with an integrated cloud security from Symantec, and solve these challenges of cloud app adoption:

  • Accidental and malicious data loss
  • New targets for trackers & malware
  • Stricter regulatory requirements
  • Increase complexity

Extend Symantec DLP to the Cloud

  • Discover sensitive data in cloud apps.
    Direct visibility and control over all types of content in more than 60 cloud apps, including Office 365®, Box, Dropbox, Google Apps, or Salesforce.
  • Reuse DLP policies and workflows.
    Leverage existing DLP policies and workflows for cloud apps without having to rewrite finely tuned rule sets.
  • Optimize cloud DLP performance.
    Run DLP detection as a service rather than on premises to gain operational efficiency.
  • Manage DLP everywhere from one console.
    Author DLP policies and remediation workflows for cloud apps, endpoints, networks and data centers — all from one unified management console.

Gain Additional CASB Security with CloudSOC™

Safeguard against risks of data loss and threats targeting cloud accounts with visibility and control directly over the use of cloud apps.

  • Discover shadow IT: Identify and audit cloud services in use and analyze application risk levels.
  • Detect and mitigate risky user activity: Leverage user behavior analytics to control potentially malicious actions and threats.
  • Protect against risk of exposure: gain granular visibility and control over user access and transaction with data in cloud apps.
  • Investigate cloud incidents: Easily monitor historic cloud events leveraging granular log data through an intuitive user interface.

Free Shadow Data Risk Assessment

Get a look into one of your sanctioned cloud apps and see if you have:

  • Sensitive data in the cloud
  • Data accessible by external entities or the general public
  • Malware
  • High risk users