Supporting telemedicine

From clinic hours and lab tests to in-hospital visits, you’re always on the go.

Headsets help facilitate Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls, PC audio, speech recognition, teleconferencing and telemedicine. Plantronics® audio devices are simple to set up and designed to deliver clear, natural sound. 

Plantronics Voyager Legend UC

Stay connected.

Quality audio devices are essential to keep physicians and support staff in communication no matter where they roam in the facility. Insight and Plantronics help you hear and be heard clearly.

Complete connectivity

Plantronics Bluetooth® headset models keep doctors and staff connected when critical health and medical issues are at stake.

Doctor and Nurse working together

Increase productivity.

Move throughout the office, consult charts and access medical information while on the phone or when helping a patient.

Doctor in operating room

Improve accuracy.

Clear, natural sound helps you eliminate the negative impact miscommunications can have on patient care.

Doctor looking at scans on computer

Enhance security.

Advanced technologies offer better compliance with security and HIPAA regulations, keeping patient data safe.

Stay in communication when it matters most.

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