Robust security practices

Security for Office 365 uses a mixture of stringent processes and techniques that throttle traffic and prevent, detect and mitigate breaches.

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Transformative security

Process your data with peace of mind. Office 365 treats security as a constantly evolving state.

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Security from the start

Office 365 managed service capabilities include technologies, procedures and policies enabled by default.

Setting gears

Customizable environments.

Now, you can create based on the specific needs of your organization, while maintaining compliance.

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A leader in cloud security

At the service level, Office 365 security uses an in-depth defense strategy that protects your data through multiple layers of security. Should any area fail, compensating controls maintain security at all times.

Security for Office 365 continues to optimize with improvements to security features, including:

  • Port scanning and remediation
  • Perimeter vulnerability scanning
  • Operating system security patching
  • Network-level DDoS detection and prevention
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Dynamic threat protection

Adopt an approach to address threats ranging from common to nation-state actors. Office 365 takes an Assume Breach mindset, assuming that a breach has already happened in the environment and is unknown.

Machine learning allows Office 365 to quickly detect new alert patterns — and a diligent incident response process is use in case of an incident.

Next-generation services

Office 365 combines the familiar Microsoft Office suite with cloud-based versions of next-generation communications and collaboration services: Exchange Online®, SharePoint Online®, and Microsoft Teams™.

Each of these services offers individualized security features you can control. These controls allow you to adhere to compliance requirements, access services and content to individuals in your organization, configure anti-malware and anti-spam controls, and encrypt data.

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It’s your data.

You remain the sole owner of the data that you store in Office 365 — you retain the rights, title and interest. Your data is only used to provide you with the online services you paid for. Access is strictly limited, non-destructive, logged and audited.

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Control information sharing.

Take control of access to your your data with comprehensive privacy controls. With security from Office 365, you can specify access permissions to documents, workbooks and presentations, preventing sensitive information from being printed, forwarded, or copied.

Is Office 365 right for you?

In the face of constantly evolving threats, get security you can rely on with Insight and Office 365.

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