Infographic: The Evolving Data Center

4 Sep 2018

Preparing your business for growth means finding ways to streamline operations and react efficiently to market changes. Discover how Lenovo’s industry-leading data center solutions, available from Insight, can help you maximize current IT resources, support new technologies and free IT staff to focus on innovation.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

Infographic displaying The Evolving Data Center. Translated below.

Optimize your infrastructure.

Insight and Lenovo deliver best-in-class solutions to help you build a more secure, more reliable data center.

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

The Evolving Data Center

Achieve enterprise-level functionality built for small to medium size businesses with Insight and Lenovo.

From planning and support to deployment, installation and ongoing management, data center solutions from Insight and Lenovo make it easy for small to medium businesses to streamline operations, enhance service delivery and focus on growing for the future.

Performance and reliability

The cost of downtime

98% of businesses say an hour of downtime can cost more than $100,000.

Server technology you can depend on

Lenovo® servers were recognized for having the highest reliability in their class and achieved 88 no. 1 performance benchmarks in categories including:

  • Application development
  • Data development
  • Analytics
  • Java performance

Reduced complexity

Expected changes in IT staffing levels

  • 37% Increase
  • 57% No change
  • 6% Decrease

Only 37% of companies with 100–499 employees expect to increase IT staff, while 57% will need to find new ways to maximize current IT resources to get more done.

  • Lenovo data center solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly in multivendor environments.
  • Lenovo servers support new technologies, such as artificial intelligence & machine learning.
  • Together, Insight managed services & Lenovo technologies free IT staff to focus on the business.


Rigorous security standards

44% off small businesses suffered 2–4 attacks in the last year — and those are just the ones they’re aware of.

Lenovo servers are designed using the latest security standards and practices, including:

  • x86 industry security standards
  • vDetailed BIOS code review
  • Ongoing firmware threat assessment
  • U.S.-based manufacturing
  • Transparent & secure supply chain

Return on investment

Your biggest investment

Small to medium businesses will allocate between 31% and 33% of their IT budgets to hardware.

Unanticipated expenses

Businesses must be aware of hidden costs related to security, reliability, performance, and adoption and integration of new technologies.

Lower total cost of ownership

Insight and Lenovo can deliver cost-effective, compact and energy-efficient server solutions and managed services to meet the unique needs of small to medium businesses.

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