Infographic: Accelerate Growth With a Network Refresh

8 Nov 2018

As demands on enterprise networks expand to include more users, devices and workloads, the complexities of network management continue to rise. View the infographic to learn about the specific challenges facing today’s IT teams and explore how modern data center solutions from Insight and Juniper can help.

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

Accelerate Business Growth With a Network Refresh

More data. More users. More devices. More applications and workloads, spanning private data centers and multiple clouds. Can your network and security keep pace with high expectations and unyielding business? If your network is aging or outdated, you’re at risk.

Business runs on IT.

Astronomical growth

  • 163 zetabytes of data globally by 2025
  • 2.3X growth of traditional data
  • 82 billion connected devices by 2025

Top 3 enterprise network and data center challenges

  1. Protect against data breaches/leaks.
  2. Ensure availability.
  3. Ensure business continuity.

Source: Enterprise data center buyer survey and interview insights, PwC, October 2017

Cloud shift underway

90% of enterprises will adopt multiple clouds and services.

5 ways an aging network creates risk

  1. More likely to be exploited due to limited patching
  2. Downtime from higher failure rates
  3. Higher maintenance costs
  4. Fines for noncompliance
  5. Hard to buy spares and parts

Automation can break the cycle

  • 35% downtime caused by human error
  • Source: Four Point Checklist to Modernize Your Enterprise Campus Network, Juniper Networks

  • 31% of enterprises plan to adopt SDN for automation and orchestration in 2018
  • Source: Reducing Cybersecurity Costs and Risk Through Automation Technologies, Ponemon Institute, sponsored by Juniper Networks, November 2017

  • Save 2.3 million a year by automating identification and containment of cyber exploits or breaches

Simplify your data center with Juniper.

Thrive amid disruption and adjust quickly to dynamic business conditions. Juniper Networks® QFX switches are designed for the most demanding data centers. Automation and orchestration mean the network can drive, and your IT team can navigate. Trim OpEx with fewer boxes and more tools.

Juniper doubles your innovation.

Juniper’s legendary reliability and automation free up IT staff:

  • 55% innovating
  • 45% keeping the lights on
  • Source: Enterprise Cloud, The Changing State of Enterprise Networks, Juniper Networks, October 2017

Data center modernization:

  • Forrester calls Juniper a leader in data center hardware platforms for SDN
  • Source: The Forrester Wave, Hardware Platforms for Software Defined Networking, Q1 2018, Forrester Research, March 2018

  • Juniper Networks delivers a 349% average 5-year ROI
  • Source: IDC Whitepaper, sponsored by Juniper Networks, Juniper Networks: Providing the Business Value of Network Transformation, Sept 2016

  • Pay back your investment in as little as six months
  • Source: The Network ROI of Digital Transformation,, June 2017

Protect what’s yours.

Rising traffic volumes give attackers more room to hide and drive up the IT security operations workload. Find and stop threats faster with the next-generation Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateway and Juniper’s Unified Cyber Security Platform, powered by Software Defined Secure Network (SDSN).

Advanced protection, built for today’s traffic

  • With 68% higher performance, SRX Series firewalls are ready for peak traffic and reduce hardware duplication
  • Source: Juniper Networks, 2018

  • 59% fewer false positives means incident response teams don’t waste time
  • 26% reduction in potential downtime

End-to-end visibility into multicloud

Eliminate app performance issues and simplify operations across multiple clouds.

Enterprises using Juniper Networks AppFormix have experienced:

  • 80% faster incident response
  • 39% better application response time
  • 35% faster response to customer requirements
  • 15% fewer outages
  • Source: AppFormix Outcomes, Juniper Networks 2018

Agile business demands an agile network.

Don’t put your business at risk with end-of-life and expiring network and security products. Modernize your network now, and take advantage of financial incentives from Juniper, including trade-in and 0% financing.

Juniper Networks, engineering simplicity

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