Make life sound better.

Communicate and collaborate with better conversations. Insight and Jabra bring you wireless headsets and complete audio solutions that block out noise and deliver crystal-clear sound.

All models of Jabra Headsets

Get clarity from your audio solutions.

Not only will you get access to Jabra® wireless or wired headsets and speakerphones — you’ll get a solution that works in all office environments and all leading unified communications platforms.

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We know sound.

Jabra has been pioneering new sound experiences for more than 30 years, with wired and wireless solutions.

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We understand hearing.

We have the right audio solution to fit your particular ear structure and environment needs.

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We’re trusted worldwide.

From medical-grade hearing aids and professional headsets to headphones built for consumers — we’ve got you covered.

Jabra Evolve 40 wired headset and microphone

Evolve the way you work.

Experience the perfect mix of affordability, features and comfort. The Jabra Evolve 40 is a wired headset that delivers a big punch. From music to calls, you’ll have an audio solution that’s clear in any type of office environment.

The Jabra evolve 40 wired headset features:

  • Premium noise cancellation technology
  • Built-in busy light to limit interruptions
  • World-class microphones and speakers
  • Compatibility with PCs or smartphones

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Jabra Speak 810 speakerphone bluetooth connected to iPhone isolated to conference table

Improve collaboration.

Have smoothly orchestrated conference calls with the Jabra Speak 810 speakerphone. This compact, lightweight and stylish Jabra speakerphone connects quickly using USB — without having to troubleshoot. From there, it’s ready to connect up to 15 attendees in the same meeting room.

The Jabra 810 speakerphone also connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices — making it easy to transfer calls from your smartphone. And once you’re in a call, you’ll get crystal-clear audio without echoing or feedback. Get ready to change the way your team collaborates.

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Jabra Biz 2400 II wired headset and microphone

Your call center, under your control

Meet the corded headset built specifically for call centers. The Jabra Biz 2400 II is fine-tuned to be lighter, make calls clearer and be comfortable enough to wear for an entire day — and then some.

Get the Jabra corded headset that empowers your employees with:

  • Ultra-noise cancellation
  • Crystal-clear HD voice and hi-fi sound
  • Supersoft leatherette cushioning
  • An unbreakable boom arm and reinforced cord

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