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Optimize your storage with fast and efficient Intel® Solid-State Drives (SSDs).

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Intel SSDs set the standard for storage performance, stability, efficiency and low power consumption. With no moving parts, Intel SSDs are ideal for use in devices and applications that require speed and reliability.

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Best for business

The Intel Solid State Drive Professional Family delivers power-efficient performance with enhanced data security capabilities — increasing manageability. Meet your business needs by enabling blazing-fast acceleration and upgrading your system’s protection.

With the Intel SSD Pro 7600p Series, you’ll gain high load levels for a wide range of devices. The Intel SSD Pro 5450s Series features enterprise-ready security and remote manageability.

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Future-ready Optane SSD series

Intel Optane SSDs are the first to combine memory and storage. With industry-leading high throughput, low latency, high quality of service and ultrahigh endurance, these SSDs are optimized to break through data access bottlenecks.

The SSD series accelerates applications for fast caching and storage. They also increase scale per server and reduce transaction costs. Enable your data center to deploy bigger and more affordable data sets to gain new insights from large memory pools.

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Advanced SSDs for advanced architectures

Gain a combination of performance, capacity, manageability and reliability to help your data center fast-track business and meet overall demands. Intel SSDs optimize cloud storage architecture and caching.

Designed for today’s modern data centers, these SSDs are equipped for future technologies. With industry-leading reliability and security, including maximum IT efficiency, Intel can support all of your SSD needs.

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Intel Optane SSD 900P Series

Introducing workstation-class performance, industry-leading experience and first-class storage. The Intel Optane SSD 900P Series sets the precedent for high-performance desktops and workstations — empowering professional users, content creators and enthusiasts to do more.

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See how much you can save by using SSDs.

The Intel SSD Data Center Family TCO Estimator will show you how much your organization could save if you use Intel’s SSDs in your data center environment. Explore Intel’s calculator to see your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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