Infographic: Intel: Lower Operational Cost and Drive ROI

22 Oct 2018

In this infographic, learn how you can drive real costs savings for IT, enhance user experiences and boost performance with 8th Gen Intel® Core vPro processors. Together, Insight and Intel streamline operations with advanced device efficiency.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

Yesterday cost more.

Tomorrow is about improving your ROI and lowering your TCO.

New Intel Core vPro processor-based devices can drive real cost savings for IT.

The Past: repair-heavy

An average of 42 productive work hours a year is lost while older computers are being repaired.1

Now: savings

Estimated TCO savings over $500,000 and ROI on Intel vPro platform expenses over 5 times the initial investment in higher hardware and deployment costs.4

The past: Costly

PCs older than 4 years old cost, on average, an additional $426/year in total maintenance costs.

Now: economy

Cut the cost of an IT service call from $187 to $60 with remote diagnosis with Intel Active Management Technology, part of the Intel vPro platform.5

The past: ine-fficient

Employees are 14% less productive on PCs that are 4+ years old, resulting in an estimated cost of $8,604 per year.3

Now: stability

New PCs have improved stability to help simplify lifecycle complexity and save on repairs.

The future is a great investment.

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