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Feel confident in your security

IBM® MaaS360®, available from Insight, equips your business to maintain a secure mobile network that meets compliance.

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Protect your entire mobile network.

Mobile security threats are everywhere, spanning devices and mobile apps used to access enterprise data. IBM security solutions work like an immune system to prevent and repair damage from cyberattacks.

With MaaS360 mobile device management, you can safely enable a more connected workforce — and even implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs without introducing new risks.

Know your people.

In today’s technology, security threats come from many different access points. With advanced security and compliance features, MaaS360 offers a holistic action plan by vetting the people on your network and tracking exactly who has access to your data.

MaaS360 offers identity management with single sign-on and multifactor authentication to native and cloud apps — plus options for conditional access to enterprise resources. And, you can separate work and personal data with the Container app for data leak prevention.

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Manage your devices in the age of BYOD.

As mobile apps create more efficient workflows for employees, the BYOD trend continues to grow in popularity. Seamless access to work data, emails and enterprise content outside of the office is now less of a convenience and more of a necessity for today’s on-the-go workforce.

Stay ahead of threats and hackers. The security and compliance features of MaaS360 provide:

  • Secure device registration
  • Patch & update management
  • Detection of compromised devices
  • Selective or full device wipes
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Secure apps and protect data.

With data stored on mobile devices, sharing is easier than ever, and protecting of sensitive enterprise data is in high demand as a result. MaaS360 helps stop data leaks before they happen with security functions for apps, mail and mobile chat, including:

  • App white lists, blacklists & SDK wrapping
  • Email & attachment containment
  • Authentication, copy/paste & forward restrictions
  • Instant message containment 

Anticipate risks.

Don’t be caught unaware by threats to your mobile security. MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management gives you the power to detect, analyze and mitigate malware on devices. With this advanced tool, administrators can configure policies and remediate vulnerabilities quickly.

Mobile Threat Management provides advanced jailbreak and root and hider detection with over-the-air updates of security definitions. Set your own security policies and compliance rules to automate remediation. Plus, get constant security assessments from the Trusteer® Mobile Risk Engine.

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Resolve threats and eliminate malware.

When threats are detected, immediate action is key. The advanced compliance and security features of the MaaS360 app let you set detailed policy controls to take appropriate actions when threats are identified, including:

  • Automatic app uninstall
  • User alerts and notifications
  • Access blocks & use restrictions
  • Data collection on threat attributes


Is MaaS360 right for you?

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