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Thin clients offer the future of computing

Client virtualization and cloud computing are the future. See how Insight and HP will get you there.

Protect your data.

To provide greater information security, data can be found only when HP® thin clients are connected to your secure network. Unique security features like the Enhanced Write Filter (EWF), File-Based Write Filter (FBWF) and built-in firewalls safeguard your data.

HP family of Thin Client pcs

Meet the HP thin client family.

Customize your cloud computing with a broad range of HP thin clients. Choose the processor, operating system and communication protocol to fit your needs.

HP t520 Flexible Thin Client on a desk.

Flexible thin clients

Two-chassis solutions provide a flexible and true PC-like experience for virtualized desktop environments.
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Business professionals sit in an office lounge with a HP mt245 Mobile Thin Client laptop

Mobile thin clients

Get the job done from anywhere with cloud and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)-optimized features.
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HP t410 AiO Smart Zero Client

Zero clients

Have graphic-heavy applications? Zero clients offer workstation-like performance and support for dual monitors.
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HP ProDesk 400 G3 AIO, HP USB PS2 Washable Keyboard and Mouse, Business Headset, UltraSlim Top Load TSA brown case in office setting


Gain a seamless, high-performance desktop that’s easy to deploy and manage, and includes thin client security.
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