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HP LeftHand networks

Flexible Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions

Combine storage devices

Protect your data.

Data protection is a must. So is protecting your bottom line. HP LeftHand® SAN solutions, available from Insight, combine storage devices into a single, virtual pool for highly available and cost-effective storage.

Optimal performance and reliability

Built-in smart features

Add a new node to your SAN with SAN/iQ software that automatically restripes all the data within the cluster, balancing the data load for optimal performance and reliability. With a single, centralized console, you can take advantage of additional features like:

  • Snapshots
  • Remote copy
  • Thin provisioning
  • Volume migration

IT solutions that grow with your business

LeftHand storage networks scale performance and capacity simultaneously, so you can start with any size SAN and grow from there as your business prospers.

Is HP LeftHand right for you?

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