HP Elite X3 3-in-1 device in desk dock
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HP Elite x3: The ultimate 3-in-1 device

Power productivity with the device that can do it all: the HP® Elite x3, available from Insight and HP.

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Introducing the next generation of computing

With the power of a PC, the versatility of a tablet and the connectivity of a smartphone, the HP Elite x3 takes your productivity to the next level — and anywhere you need to go.

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Tackle tasks wherever you go.

The HP Elite x3 provides an advanced 3-in-1 solution that gives you all of the features of a mobile device, including a powerful processor, Quad HD display, long battery life, wireless charging and more.

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Meet the device that was made for users on the go. Now you can transition between locations without switching devices.

Elite X3 in dock attached to desktop computer


Give your users access to virtualized desktop applications effortlessly, without software downloads or training.

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Secure users with quick and natural authentication, including an integrated iris scanner and fingerprint reader.

HP Elite X3 in lap dock

Equip for every environment.

A variety of available accessories enable you to transform the Elite x3 into the device you need for the job at hand. Add the versatile Lap Dock for a premium notebook experience, or simply dock the Elite x3 and switch to a desktop environment with an external display, mouse and keyboard.

For workers on the go, complete the Elite x3 with the Mobile Scanning Solution. This handheld device delivers fast and accurate barcode scanning for every user in any industry. Now, your users gain multipurpose scanning — whether in a healthcare office or an industrial warehouse.

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Geared for the mobile workforce

No matter the industry, the Elite x3 is up to the job. With premium smartphone features and a high-performance Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 processor chipset, the HP Elite X3 gives remote and mobile employees the power they need to work productively.

The Elite x3 provides premium on-the-go connectivity for your mobility needs, whether traveling for business or constantly working in the field. The Elite x3 provides premium on-the-go connectivity and a 3-in-1 solution for your mobility needs. Communicate smoothly with premium audio for Skype® calls, and access your corporate applications with HP Workspace. 

Is the HP Elite x3 right for you?

Gain a powerful 3-in-1 solution for your on-the-go business needs from Insight and HP.

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