Assessing the Impact of Predictive Analytics

14 Feb 2018

Using flash storage and predictive analytics, Hewlett Packard Enterprise™ (HPE™) Nimble Storage simplifies your infrastructure management. Learn how, combined with HPE InfoSight, Nimble Storage enables you to monitor day-to-day operations with sophisticated artificial intelligence — freeing your workforce to focus on moving your business forward.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

Assessing the Impact of Predictive Analytics infographic

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

HPE InfoSight analyzes millions of sensors every second to predict and prevent problems across the infrastructure stack and transform the support experience. Based on ESG research, the benefits to enterprises stemming from HPE InfoSight are both significant and unique. They include:

  • Less time and fewer resources needed to manage storage, with 75% of Nimble Storage customers not needing dedicated FTEs to administer storage and enjoying a 79% staff OpEx advantage compared to their peers.
  • Fewer storage issues that are resolved faster, with 88% of Nimble Storage customers reporting less than 5 storage trouble tickets per month and enjoying an 85% improvement in the number of person-hours allocated to ticket resolution.
  • Greater responsiveness when working with the vendor on an issue, with 65% of Nimble Storage customers spending less than a day on complex issues that require intervention from vendors’ senior support technicians.

Based on the quantifiable data captured in ESG’s survey, it’s easy to see why 95% of HPE Nimble Storage customers report that HPE Nimble Storage arrays are easier to manage than other storage solutions they have worked with. Organizations seeking to increase IT agility, drive down IT OpEx and free staff from mundane infrastructure support responsibilities would be well served to learn more about HPE InfoSight’s predictive analytics platform.