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All-in-one protection

Increase your security program automation with the Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) that does it all. See how FireEye® HX integrates anti-virus and anti-malware protection, threat intelligence, behavior analysis, endpoint detection and response capabilities.

Insight and FireEye partner with governments around the world at local, city, state and national levels to strengthen every aspect of security.

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Advanced endpoint security

In today's world, skilled attackers bypass traditional endpoint protection platforms — focusing on single elements to identify threats.

By integrating AV, malware protection, threat intelligence, behavior analysis, endpoint protection and response capabilities, FireEye Endpoint Security offers a far more robust option for threat detection.

With FireEye Endpoint Security, advanced security automation, active inspection and analysis are enabled to find and eliminate suspicious activity.

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Safeguard your network.

Technology alone isn’t enough to combat cyberattacks. FireEye solutions from Insight use a three-pronged approach that combines intelligence, expertise and technology to deliver a security solution that has it all.

Defend networks, data and users from cyberattacks that bypass firewalls, AV and IPS. The FireEye signature-less Multi-Vector Virtual Execution™ engine and intelligence-driven analysis technology identifies and blocks known and unknown threats.

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Discover FireEye Helix

FireEye Helix is a revolutionary intelligence-led platform that simplifies, integrates and automates security operations. It offers FireEye network security and endpoint protection, and provides visibility into your existing third party security solution.

This unified security experience enables your organization to stop more threats and reduce operational costs of security. FireEye Helix can seamlessly integrate and improve any security operation, whether deployed on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

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