Infographic: Transform IT. Innovate Faster.

13 Jul 2018

Moving to a cloud operating model helps businesses streamline processes, lower costs and get new products to market 4x faster. Explore the additional benefits of world-class servers, available from Insight and Dell EMC.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

Infographic for Transform IT and Innovate Faster

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

Transform IT. Innovate Faster.

IT transformation is a game changer in the digital economy. Organizations that modernize their infrastructure, automate IT service delivery and transform IT operations significantly improve their business agility.

  • Lower costs up to 36%.
  • Get new products to market 4.4x faster.
  • Run applications up to 3x faster.

Now is the time to transform your IT.

Modernize IT with hyperconverged, all-flash and servers.

Modernize your data center using hyper-converged built on world-class servers and All-Flash storage and leading data protection solutions. Reduce costs and accelerate your workloads so you can spend more time on innovation.

  • Lower TCO up to 80%.
  • Develop applications 55% faster.
  • Spend 41% less IT time keeping the lights on.

Automate IT service delivery with hybrid cloud.

Move to a cloud operating model to streamline processes, lower costs and accelerate application delivery using API-driven automation. Empower your business with self-service IT.

  • Cut costs up to 29% with hybrid cloud.
  • Increase employee productivity 150% faster.
  • Become 3x more likely to reach digital goals.

Transform IT operations with expert services.

Develop IT operations that help you speed agility and focus on business-aligned tasks. With powerful servers and real-time analytics, your team can quickly move from cost center to profit center.

  • Gain 3x more innovation.
  • Be 4x more likely to release applications ahead of schedule.
  • Get 140% more time to serve customers and business owners.

Outpace your competition with IT transformation.

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