Network protection

Insight and CyberPower work in tandem to fit organizations with custom power protection and power distribution products.

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Many business professionals work in open office

Uninterruptible power supply

CyberPower designs and manufactures Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to meet the full spectrum of power protection needs — from enterprise businesses to remote offices.

Shield office workstations, network hardware and data center equipment from surges, spikes and sags. Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) monitor AC power to maintain safe voltage and protect your equipment and data.

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Many business professionals work in open office

Surge suppressors

CyberPower safeguards your valuable IT investments and critical data, thanks to high-quality construction, surge-protected outlets, data line monitoring, and durable cords and plugs.

For heavy-duty surge suppression, CyberPower offers industrial-grade, rack-mount surge protectors that shield systems and networking equipment.

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IT power room

Power distribution units

Designed for data centers and demanding applications, CyberPower's Power Distribution Units (PDUs) distribute power from UPS systems, generators and AC sources to devices, servers and network equipment.

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