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Unified communications

Cisco offers a single solution with multiple benefits.

Team collaborating through video conference

Connect teams and information.

Help everyone in your business communicate quickly with a Cisco® converged voice, video and data communications solution that uses a shared IP-based infrastructure, available from Insight.

Easy to manage communication solutions

Lower your costs.

Cisco’s unified infrastructure simplifies management to reduce IT overhead and fosters increased, effortless communications to maximize productivity.

Unified communications is a critical focus for organizations looking to improve responsiveness and productivity while addressing cost concerns.

Access meetings while travelling

Just one click

For businesses with 100 to 1,000 users, Cisco Unified Communications Manager gives you the ability to start an instant messaging session, phone call or videoconference with a single click.

Larger businesses can transition from outdated telephony systems to a Cisco Business Edition solution that integrates voice, conferencing, mobility, messaging and voice gateway services on a single appliance.

Access from anywhere

Cisco Unity® Connection enables you to access messages from anywhere with an IP or mobile phone, Web browser, email client or desktop program like Cisco Jabber®.

Cisco Speechview

Transcribe messages with Cisco SpeechView.

Cisco Unity Connection

Respond by just saying a name.

Cisco Jabber

Prevent unauthorized access.

Sharing just got easier.

Foster the collaborative spirit with live, interactive audio, data and videoconferencing through Cisco WebEx®. Share information easily and reach large audiences without the need to travel.

Remote meetings manager

Remote is the new in-person.

Give video meetings an in-person feel with Unified MeetingPlace®. The intuitive interface makes scheduling, attending and moderating meetings, trainings and presentations worry-free.

Talk from anywhere

Automatically redirect calls.

Reroute incoming calls to other phones, and switch active calls between your desktop and mobile phone with no interruption. Talk from anywhere you want while keeping your private numbers private.

Build your own cloud.

Create and deliver your own branded, unified communications and collaboration cloud services with applications deployed within a highly secure, cloud-ready virtualized platform.

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