Infographic AutoCAD 2020 Specialized Tool Sets

10 Oct 2018

With new features and industry-specific toolsets for architects, engineers, drafters and designers, AutoCAD® 2020 delivers everything you need to bring ideas to life. Explore the latest tools available through the AutoCAD web and mobile app.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

AutoCAD 2020 Specialized Tool Sets Infographic

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

AutoCAD® 2020 specialized toolsets

AutoCAD mobile app
View and edit your latest drawing in the field and on the go.

AutoCAD web app
View and edit drawings in a web browser on virtually any computer. No installation required.

AutoCAD for PC/Mac
Design in 2D and 3D across AutoCAD and seven specialized toolsets.

Access 700,000+ intelligent manufacturing parts. Automate creation of bills of material.

Leverage 8,000+ intelligent architectural objects. Automate floor plans and elevations.

Get 65,000+ intelligent electrical symbols for electrical controls systems.

Map 3D
Incorporate GIS and CAD data to support planning, design and data management.

Get 10,500+ intelligent mechanical, electrical and plumbing objects.

Plant 3D
Produce P&IDs and integrate into a 3D plan design model.

Raster Design
Edit scanned drawings and convert raster images into DWG objects.