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Cloud backup and recovery on your terms

Arcserve Cloud is offered as a service extension to Arcserve’s Unified Data Protection (UDP) Appliance. It leverages global deduplication, encryption, compression and Wide Area Network (WAN)-optimized replication — keeping you and your data safer than ever before.

Arcserve Cloud also enables you to configure your backups and manage the entire process from a single console. From it, you can specify the backup source, destination and even the retention period.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

With DRaaS on Arcserve Cloud, you’ll cut location, IT infrastructure and staff costs. Plus, fast failover and failback, along with application-level recovery, ensure disaster won’t strike your data.

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Innovative off-site data retention

It’s time to ditch local disk and tape. With Insight and Arcserve, you’ll get long-term cloud backup storage — ensuring your data is:

  • Fully protected
  • Regulatory-compliant
  • Available off-site
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Smarter disaster recovery testing

Do you have the most efficient and accurate data recovery plan? When your business runs on Arcserve Cloud, you do.

Arcserve Cloud features remote virtual standby, so you can easily test application failover at any time without an expensive infrastructure. This saves you time and money, and protects your data.

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