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Stay in control, even when a device is off the network, with the Absolute® Data & Device Security (DDS) solution.

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Solutions that go wherever your data goes

With adaptive endpoint security solutions, Insight and Absolute deliver data and device security that goes everywhere your data goes.

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Quickly respond to insider threats.

Monitor and protect against insider threats, on or off the network, with Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS).

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Verify user and device activity.

Absolute DDS sends you alerts of noncompliant behavior and helps you take action to avoid security incidents.

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Ensure and prove compliance.

Maintain constant protection. Absolute DDS will monitor and remediate security threats before an incident occurs.

Be confident to the core.

It’s time to rethink data security. See what Absolute is doing to build better endpoint security and data risk management solutions for virtually any device.

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Security when you need it most

Your company's devices are everywhere, but your network isn't. How can you ensure device security? Let Insight and Absolute DDS help.

Our adaptive endpoint security and data risk management solution delivers a persistent connection. So every endpoint and the data it contains is under your control — even if the device is outside the network.

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Uncover hidden risks.

Leave no device or part of your network unchecked. With Insight and Absolute DDS, you can easily identify risk conditions and set up notifications to alert you if these conditions occur.

Our Absolute DDS solution also generates reports by integrating with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) programs and validating encryption, anti-malware and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) across all devices.

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Speed up your response.

When a device is compromised, Absolute DDS helps you spring into action, with:

  • Remote recovery and data wipe
  • Automatic protection for offline devices
  • Certified workflows to decommission a device
  • Device safety audit logs 

Target and protect critical endpoint data.

Your data goes where your people go. To protect it, you must always know where it is. See how Endpoint Data Discovery, a feature of Absolute DDS, locates specific information and tracks it automatically.

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Modernize reporting and analytics.

With Insight and Absolute DDS, you can collect incredibly comprehensive information from every device you register. This includes everything from historical data to installed software.

And, to ensure you always have the data you need to make a decision, Absolute DDS automatically notifies you of user and location changes — as well as noncompliant software and hardware installations.

Track every device, everywhere.

Our device management solution simplifies asset tracking — giving you current and recent locations, as well as geofencing capabilities, all through Google Maps.

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Escalate complicated threats.

Don't have the resources to assess every threat? Insight and Absolute have security experts ready to help you:

  • Identify and eliminate threats.
  • Determine if data was accessed.
  • Recover stolen devices.
  • Refine best practices to stop recurrence.

Adaptive security for the endpoint

Control your data, even it’s off the network. Find out how Absolute makes this possible. Learn even more about the Absolute Data & Device Security solution and how it can protect your organization.

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Technology is essential to the classroom. But how do you guard against loss, theft and misuse? That’s where Absolute Mobile Theft Management (MTM) comes in. When combined with Absolute DDS, MTM helps you track, locate and recover your endpoints through a single cloud-based console.

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