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Dana A. Leighty

Principal Accounting Officer

"Sometimes I’m the voice of reason, and sometimes I’m the bad guy. It all depends on the idea and the accounting practices involved."

Get to know Dana.

Most IT executives enjoy an element of speculation and risk. Dana Leighty isn’t one of them. As principal accounting officer, Dana takes a more conservative approach to reconciling Insight’s financial statements with the myriad of accounting and SEC reporting rules and regulations. She sees herself as a practical counterweight in a turbulent world of opportunities and ideas. Dana ensures that even the company’s boldest entrepreneurial moves are grounded in sound financial practice.

From her first high school accounting class, the clear, ordered world of debits and credits appealed to Dana. She earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from William & Mary, became a CPA and in 1987 joined the esteemed firm of (then) Price Waterhouse. There, Dana supervised the public filings of communications and technology companies. She became a specialist in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and in 2001, PricewaterhouseCoopers named her a director of accounting and audit services.

Dana became Insight’s vice president of SEC reporting in 2006. Her technical accounting expertise and tech industry experience have helped her counsel senior leadership on the viability of company strategies. In 2012, Dana was named Insight’s principal accounting officer. She prides herself on the transparency and track record of Insight’s financial statements. And she remains the vigilant steward of past and current transactions, so the company can build wisely toward the future. 

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