Better backup management has arrived

Backing up and recovering critical data, applications and servers often takes precious time away from your IT teams. With Veritas Backup Exec, you get instant backup recovery that reduces storage costs, boosts productivity and protects data — from a single user console — so you can focus on serving the public better.

Impressive, robust features

Having a single solution for your virtual, physical and cloud platforms will cut complexity and costs with features like:

  • Fast virtual machine snapshots
  • Integrated global deduplication
  • Storage device compatibility
  • Instant recovery

Protect your agency.

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Get full protection with advanced integration and global deduplication to solve for growing data challenges.



Protect one to thousands of servers and write to virtually any storage device, from disk to public cloud services.



Easily stay in control of every backup and recovery job through intuitive dashboards and wizards — in less time.

“Our backups complete with near 100% reliability, and restores are consistently successful with zero fuss.”

— Brandon Mosak, IT director, Task Force Tips Inc.

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explore the power of veritas

Explore the power of Veritas.

Learn more about why Veritas Backup Exec 16 is the best backup and disaster recovery on the market, including key features and benefits.

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Insight and Veritas will help your agency lower costs and simplify backup like never before.

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