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What is SPLA?

Microsoft’s SPLA (Services Provider License Agreement) is a program for service providers and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), providing the ability to license Microsoft products on a monthly basis, during a three-year agreement term. SPLA supports a variety of hosting scenarios to help clients get highly customized and robust solutions to a wide selection of their customers.

Why Insight?

Insight was the first SPLA reseller and continues to be the largest, managing more than 1,600 SPLA clients today. Insight also has a dedicated team to help you simplify your SPLA management, including contract set up, pricing and part numbers, and any questions related to SPLA licensing.

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  • Deliver a customized service
  • Pay as you go with no up-front costs
  • Access the most current product versions
  • Try before you buy
  • Outsource data center services
  • Install at customer facilities
  • Offer demonstrations and evaluations
  • Include your affiliates
  • Expand your reach to academic institutions

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How to Get Started

  1. If you haven't yet already, enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network .
  2. Contact us for required paperwork

Additional Requirements

  • Once the above steps are completed, please provide monthly reporting on and payment for software licenses or zero-use report to Insight.
  • You will provide technical support on behalf of your customers.

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We're Here to Help!

The Insight SPLA Team is committed to providing you with the assistance you need.

  • Insight offers a full featured Web tool that allows our clients to easily report usage, review pricing and conduct a host of other features, making the program management easier.
  • Provide monthly newsletters.
  • Send monthly usage reminders.
  • Global capabilities.
  • Hosting licensing team.
  • SPLA portal demos.

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